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Friday 02May14

Fitness A. Work to a heavy C&J in 15 minutes   B. 1k or 2k TT     Performance A. Work to a heavy C&J in 15 minutes   B. 2 Rounds: row 350 20 KB Swings (28/20) 20 Burpees 20 Thrusters (95/65) 200m run –rest 8 minutes—     No Pull Up Progression today!

Thursday 01May14

Fitness A. Front Squat 5×3  @x3x6 *increase from last week *If you started after 3/1/14, you will do 5×5 at regular controlled tempo   B. 20 Min EMOM: odd: pull ups (2-10) even: 150m sprint (scale to 100m)     Performance A. Front Squat 6×3  @x7x(10) *increase from last week   B. 20 Min EMOM: […]

Wednesday 30April14

*The workouts are subject to change depending on the weather!     Fitness A. OHS   B. 30 Cals AB for time –rest 5 mins– run 800 for time –rest 5 mins– 75 Wall Ball Shots for time   C. 100 Flutter Kicks     Performance A. Snatch Balance x2 + OHS x2 x5   […]

Tuesday 29April14

Fitness A. Pull Ups 5xME, rest 90 B. Bent Rows 3×10, rest 60                                              C. 15 Min AMRAP: Row 300m/7 cals AB 12 Push Ups 12 Box Jump Overs (24/20) 12  Lunges/leg 12 DB […]

Monday 28April14

SLEEP!  This week the challenge will be to get 8+ hours of sleep each night.  We’ve tapped into various aspects of elements that will enhance your fitness, and now we get to, perhaps the most difficult one to achieve.  This must be done at one time.  Sleeping 7 hours and grabbing a hour nap at […]

Friday 25April14

We are hosting a Bring A Friend Event on Saturday, May 10th, at 930am.  Please bring a friend or three and allow them to see what you experience each day you are here.  Each friend you bring will earn you a point in our spring Fitness Challenge.     Fitness A. Row 5x500m, rest 4-5 […]

Thursday 24April14

Fitness A. Work to 1rm Push Press in 12 mins   B. 4 Rounds: 6 Cals AB 12 Burpees 6 Pull Ups 12 Power Cleans (115/80) *cycle quick *rest as needed (at least 2 mins)       Performance A. Push Press: work to 1RM in 12 minutes   B. 5 Rounds: row 250 15 […]

Wednesday 23April14

Fitness A. Front Squat 5×3    @tempo  x3x6 *New members that started after 3/1 will do 4×5-6 at 3x1x tempo   B. For Time: row 750m 50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) 100 DUs/400 singles *15 min Cap     Performance A. Front Squat 6×3  @x7x(10) B. For Time:               […]

Tuesday 22April14

Fitness A. Snatch Work B. 15 Min AMRAP: 15 Box Jumps (24/20) 15 Push Press (115/80) 200m Run C. Hanging Knee Raises 3×10-15     Performance A. Snatch Balance 4×2 (start lite, increase) B. Snatch 4×1, rest 2 mins C. 10 Min AMRAP: 1 Power Snatch (135/95) 1 OHS (135/95) 20 UB DUs 2/2/20, 3/3/20, […]

Monday 21April14

Fitness Challenge for the week: Row an extra 10k meters OUTSIDE OF CLASS.  Your warm up and cool down WILL count, but the work within a WOD will not count.  Rowing club will count.    If you require a lot of extra time to warm up–get here early.  We will begin classes pretty much at […]



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