Monday 28April14

SLEEP!  This week the challenge will be to get 8+ hours of sleep each night.  We’ve tapped into various aspects of elements that will enhance your fitness, and now we get to, perhaps the most difficult one to achieve.  This must be done at one time.  Sleeping 7 hours and grabbing a hour nap at some point throughout the day will not be accepted.  I posted an article two weeks ago about sleep cycles and the importance of getting sleep, so let’s put it into practice.

If you got your 10k in last week, make sure you add 7 points to your score for last week!



A. Back Squat 6×2 @85%


B. 5 Min AMRAP

row 500m

AMRAP thrusters (95/65)


C. Plank Holds 3×45 secs, rest 15 secs



A. Back Squat 7×1 @90%


B. 5 Min AMRAP:

row 500m

AMRAP thrusters (95/65)


C. 2×60 sec/side, side plank holds


*Please do not ghost your barbells.  If you do, you will owe 5 burpees.



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