Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Postpartum Corrective Exercise & Pelvic Floor Restoration
Safe return to exercise programs, improving diastasis, training for incontinence and leaking and aiding pelvic floor pressure management. It does not matter whether a woman is 8 weeks, 8 months or 8 years postpartum, progress can be made! It’s never too late!

Breathing. Posture. Core Strength.
Men and women alike need to have adequate core strength, breathing patterns and sufficient core strength and intra-abdominal pressure. Through proper breathing and posture, we can activate our abdominals, reduce chronic pain, improve exercise and more importantly, overall quality of life.

Optimized positioning for Low Back and SI Joint Pain
Gain strength, improve movement patterns and correct muscle imbalances to relieve pain and maximize athletic performance.


Caitlin specializes in optimized positioning, effective breathing and posture. She has a strong desire to shed light on many issues in the human body where there seems to be little hope. Her vision is to create a safe place for restorative exercise and improved quality of life for all.

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