Wednesday 30April14

Wednesday 30April14

*The workouts are subject to change depending on the weather!






B. 30 Cals AB for time

–rest 5 mins–

run 800 for time

–rest 5 mins–

75 Wall Ball Shots for time


C. 100 Flutter Kicks




A. Snatch Balance x2 + OHS x2 x5


B. Run 800m for time

–rest 5 mins–

row 1000m for time

–rest 5 mins

ride (AB) 20 cals for time


C. Complete 150 flutter kicks in as few sets as possible


Pull Up Progression

A. 7 working sets (3 reg, 2 wide, 2 reverse). Use your total number of reps from Monday and divide by 8. That number is your rep number for each of the 7 sets. Rest 60 secs btwn sets.

B. 6-10 Push Ups EMOM x 6 mins

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