Individual Program Design

Individual Progam Design

Individual Program Design (IPD) is a great option that serves as a hybrid between personal training and independent work. With this option, you will receive your workouts through an application on your phone or computer and you complete them on your own. The app serves as your main point of contact with your coach. Workouts can be done both on location or anywhere around the world (*We do tend to favor our location due to the various equipment we have on-site). Like personal training, your workouts are completely customized to fit your needs and goals. IPD is an excellent option if you have a solid understanding of strength and conditioning and want to take it to the next level. Whether it’s training for a cross country season, a CrossFit competition, weightlifting meet, or simply wanting to step your training up to the next level — this is an excellent option.

An added option here is a weekly session (or two) with your coach to enhance the experience. Meeting with your coach allows them to see your move and better assess quality throughout your journey. The coach can then program future workouts based off of those sessions.

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