YorkFit Classes

Our classes at YorkFit are designed for the individual looking for long-term health. Our workouts vary from strength training (using classic strength and conditioning ideals) to pure aerobic sessions (designed to build the base of the fitness pyramid) and everything inbetween. In our class sessions, you will also see mixed modalities and various time domains with varying work to rest ratios, all designed to build a well rounded fitness plan. We do not expect maximal efforts each day, instead you will focus on quality movement and various energy systems to continually build your fitness.

In this group setting, you will be surrounded by like-minded people, all striving to better themselves. From younger, former college athletes to retired folks, all are looking to continue to move the pendulum forward and live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. We modify movements and scale every workout as necessary, to accomodate members based on previous injuries, mobility, or other limitations.

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75 Acco Drive Suite 6-7
York, PA 17402