In order to get the most out of your YorkFit experience, we conduct Orientation in a one on one setting. You will meet with one of our top YorkFit certified coaches for five personal training sessions. This will get you fully prepared for the group classes. You will want to have an initial consultation to get to know YorkFit, then the sessions are coordinated between you and your trainers. It will be a more intimate and individualized introduction to YorkFit.

This introduction will leave you set and ready to take the plunge into a healthy, stronger you. You will begin with a full assessment, progress through the movements, establish some early goals, and leave with a personalized understanding of your progressions, abilities, and work to do pre and post workout to ensure a safer journey. No other affiliate in our area provides this level of depth upon your entrance into our community as we do here at YorkFit.

When you have successfully completed the Orientation, you will be ready and permitted to participate in our group classes. Every class completes the same workout each day, so you will have plenty of options for classes that work around your schedule. YorkFit is the best fitness program around, and the community at YorkFit will have you feeling right at home. The ideal programming at YorkFit involves 3-6 days a week of training. This allows the most variance of your training, based on your time and existing commitments.

The cost for Orientation is $150. If a spouse or family member wants to join you, the price per person will be reduced. If you have CrossFit or previous weightlifting experience, the number of sessions may be reduced (cost is then $30/session).

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