Priced to ensure SAFETY and RESULTS.

Is it worth it?

With all of the $10-30 a month Globo Gyms locally, the monthly investment at YorkFit may initially deter you from exploring us further. Please, give us a moment to explain why we accurately claim this as an “investment” rather than a “payment.” We offer a personal program and our staff passionately care about your success and ensuring that we connect with you in a personal and meaningful way.

We do not employ weekend certified trainers, but have full-time and part-time professionals.  Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to their continued education, development and applying what they learn to be the best in the area… for you.

At YorkFit, you will be taught how to do functional movements with correct form. You will learn how to gain mobility and flexibility, in turn, this allows you to gain strength and power. You will learn how to eat better. You will be challenged mentally, physically, and in some cases, emotionally. YorkFit classes will build grit and determination, discipline and perseverance.

You will commit to a 3, 6, or 12 month membership – which is a way for you to promise yourself you will make lasting change – and a way that we partner with you.  We encourage you to again consider this as an investment because you’re enlisting a team of coaches and a community to join you.  With an average cost of $150/month, we honor and respect your commitment and promise to walk with you as you change your life forever.

Do I have to go to orientation?

We do have a required Orientation/On-Ramp Program that is generally 5 sessions long. The cost is $150. This is normally completed with a personal trainer in a one-on-one setting allowing you to work on movements and safe lifting techniques. If you have a friend (or two) that you would like to go through Orientation with, the cost will be reduced. This is an extremely important part of the program, for it will educate you on all of the movements, theory, and nutritional ideas that we encourage. You will learn safe lifting techniques that will serve you the rest of your life.

Are there discounts?

Discounts for military, first responders, students, and families.

How do I cancel service?

For a general Unlimited Monthly cancellation, you are required to give a 7 day notice before your bill date by emailing Cait ( If you do not, you are not guaranteed you will not be charged for the next month due to the process with our automatic billing system. Please refer to your signed Commitment Form for details regarding your commitment period and payment holds or cancellation details (military deployments, moving, medical conditions, etc).

For our members: Additional Fees for Failed Transactions?

Automatic payments that are denied for payment or returned for insufficient funds will result in an additional $15 charge. We are simply passing our fees on to you. Please notify us immediately ( if you get a new card, bank account or mailing address so we can change your billing information. You can arrange a time to set up new information with Cait or Lindsay. Thank you!

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