I’m not sure if I want to do YorkFit. Can I just drop in to try out a class?

We do not allow drop-ins to our regular group classes unless you have signed up on our website or spoke to the owner beforehand.  These particular classes are held both Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  We understand that may not be suitable for everyone, we simply urge you to do what you can for these few free sessions to make it work.  We will never again ask you to come to a 6pm class.  Never.

I’m super fit already. Do I have to do the Orientation Classes or start with private coaching?

Have you been regularly squatting, dead lifting and pressing?  How about snatching and cleaning dumbbells?  Climbing ropes?  Swinging heavy kettlebells? We have established (high) movement standards that you must meet in order to gain entry to our ongoing group classes.  If you are competent at performing basic gymnastics movements, the power and Olympic lifts, and are already fit, you may be a candidate for Testing Out. This will cost $40 and require a bit over an hour of your time.

I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Will YorkFit be too challenging for me?

No!  One of the many great things about YorkFit is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit any fitness level.  What that means is that a new YorkFitter and a veteran YorkFitter can do the same workout, but the workout is scaled according to each athlete’s fitness level.   We teach our athletes how to scale and modify workouts in all of our introductory programs and our coaches always provide modifications in our regular group classes.   You do not need to get in shape before starting at YorkFit Hershey. That’s what we are here for.

I’m visiting Central PA from an out of town CrossFit Box. Can I drop in to a class when I’m in town?

We welcome drop-in athletes at YorkFit.  We do ask that you have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience before your trip.  Drop-in rate is $15.  Please contact us with special concerns or extended stays.

I really want to strengthen my “core.” Will YorkFit help?

Yes!  While you will not see crunches at YorkFit Hershey, we know that a weak trunk and poorly stabilized spine is the single most significant limiting factor in all human movement and sports.   To this end, our programming specifically addresses trunk or “core” strength.    Want to learn more about YorkFit and “core” strength?  Watch this video.

I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get too muscular.

If you are really worried about this, read this article.   But the short answer is no, lifting weights will not bulk you up.  In fact, it will help you burn more calories and look better naked.

What about cardio?

Surely because we never do any long sessions of running, YorkFitters can’t have any endurance or stamina. Wrong. The widely touted measure of aerobic stamina and endurance is VO2 max, the amount of oxygen that your body can consume during sustained aerobic exercise — medium intensity stuff like distance running or biking.  There is a common misconception that long bouts of aerobic exercise are the only way to build stamina and endurance, but this simply isn’t true.

In the same way muscles must be taken beyond their limits and torn to stimulate growth, your ability to process oxygen must be pushed out of equilibrium in order to increase your capacity to process it.   Running at some level below your aerobic threshold (i.e. less than 100% VO2 max) will do little if anything to increase this ability. To push it out of equilibrium and induce growth you have to workout at 200% or more of your aerobic ability. In metabolic terms, you need to work the high-intensity phosphagenic and glycolytic pathways in order to improve the medium-low intensity aerobic pathway.

Do you have showers?

We have two showers and two bathrooms.

What is your cancellation policy?

Private coaching appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance and can be done by calling or emailing your coach directly.   Because it is very difficult for our coaches to re-book their appointment times on short notice, athletes who cancel their appointments late will be charged for the appointment. Personal Training packages are purchased monthly and cancellation terms are agreed upon prior to sessions starting.  Yorkfit monthly memberships must be cancelled 7 days prior to the billing date, by emailing tim@yorkfit.com.  Early termination of a membership package will result in a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the remaining balance of the committed term..

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