Monday 31March14

A lot of people are making up 14.5 at 10am.  If you are one of these people, please have a judge ready.  Get there early to warm up so we can get going by 1015am.  If anyone else needs to make it up, you need to link up with a judge at some point tomorrow to get it done.  I’m coaching from 5-8pm so get it done before that so I can validate on time, please.  

This week we are cutting back on intensity.  You guys have been hammering it hard since Christmas culminating in the Open over the last five weeks.  We saw literally hundreds of PRs throughout the last five weeks.  I hope you guys have been able to take a few minutes to think about your recent accomplishments.  This is a great time to evaluate things and establish new goals for the next 7 weeks and into the summer season.  This phase of training will last seven weeks and will be squat based with extra stress (and time given) on skill work.  Again, think about your weaknesses and beat the heck out of them until them become your strengths.


Dates to remember:

April 6th: Kipping Clinic at 9am

April 11th: Beers and Brats at 7pm




A. Back Squat 3×8 @60% of 1rm

B. Skill Work or Mixed Modal



A. Back Squat 3×8 @50% of 1rm

B. Skill Work or Mixed Modal


**Don’t avoid addressing your weaknesses**



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