Wednesday 12Feb14

Thinking ahead…I will update FB by tomorrow evening about classes on Thursday.  From just about every report, it seems will are looking at 8″+ with the possibility of up to 16″ in some locations.  I already spoke with Ralph (my landlord) and he asked that if this much snow came, that we keep the lot as clean/empty as possible for he will have to actually remove the snow due to both the previous snowfall and the amount we are looking at for this storm.  Again, I will keep you up to date starting tomorrow evening.




A. Pull Ups 1, rest 10, 2, rest 20, 3, rest 30, etc…at failure, rest 2 mins and complete a ME set.  Make your goal at least 4 “rounds”.

**Everyone will be dropping 1 band “thickness” today.  This may require many of your to go back up 1,2, or even three pegs!  Don’t sweat it, it’s progress!

B. 3xME Push Ups (to Ab Mat), rest 90 secs

C. Skill Work/Mixed Modal Work for remaining time.




A. Work up to a heavy 1rm Floor Press

B. Bent Rows 5×8 rest 60 secs (think about the pull on heavy cleans!)

C. Skill/Mixed Modal Work with remaining time.




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