Wednesday 09April14

Do not lose spinal position at the bottom of these tempo front squats!



A. Front Squat 5×3

*tempo: 3 sec btm pause, 6 secs at top

*start at 50% of 1rm and increase


B.  5 Min AMRAP x2

row 400m

30 Sit Ups

AMRAP Cleans (155/115) *get heavy!

–rest 5 mins–


C.  3×30-40 Flutter Kicks (keep the small of your back on the ground)




A. Front Squat 6×3

*7 sec hold at btm, 10 sec hold in stand

*start at 50% of 1rm and increase each round


B. 5 Rounds:

5 Power Snatch (135/95)

15 DUs

100m Sprint

–rest 2 mins–



Pull Up Progression

A. 7 working sets (3 reg, 2 wide, 2 reverse).  Use your total number of reps from Monday and divide by 8.  That number is your rep number for each of the 7 sets.  Rest 60 secs btwn sets.

B. 6-12 Push Ups EMOM x 6 mins



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