Wednesday 05Feb14

All of our morning classes have been cancelled today (530am, 6am, and 9am).  We will try our best to have the gym open for you in the evening.  The ice definitely add an element that will cause more serious issues if people are out on the roads.  Stay safe and be smart.  Check the Facebook page for updates throughout the day.  You’ll see the workout today is really open ended, so feel free to come in and simply stretch out if you’d like.



A. Pull Up Ladder (1, rest 10, 2, rest 20, etc..+ 1 ME set after failure).

B. OHS/Snatch Work/Skill work/Active Recovery




A. 1 PC + 1 PP + 1 PJ + 1 SJ  x5, rest 2 minutes

B. OHS/Snatch Work/Skill work/Active Recovery



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