Thursday 13September2012

Rich Froning is crazy.  His ability to chuck around 225lbs is nuts.  Allow this to inspire you, not depress you since you lack the ability to do Grace with 225lb in under 5 minutes. Sadly, in all honesty, this was probably his third workout of the day.  Enjoy!

Overall, everyone did a really good job with scaling on the workout from Wednesday.  Having the patience to reset before getting that first rep of deadlifts was vastly important.  Take care of your posterior chain today.  We will spend some time in class addressing it as well.

This Saturday, we will only have an 8am class!  If you want to head down to the Grand Opening of CrossFit Uncompromised (in Lititz) with us we will most likely leave from the gym around 10am.  If you would like to workout at the event, dress for it.  If you just want to go, kick it, drink fruit punch and maybe pick up a date, dress for it…and maybe an extra dab of cologne for the later.  It runs from 10-2pm.  Please be aware that you do not have to stay the entire time.  If you’d like to carpool, let us know.


20 Minutes of Mobility

15 Minutes of Hand Stand Push Up/Hand Stand Walk Progression


30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

Scale options:









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