Thursday 10Jan13


This is an issue that has come up a few times in the last few weeks.  I apologize for not “officially” addressing it until now.  Email me with specific questions/comments:

About a month ago the ownership group made a decision to tweak the way we allow first time visitors into regular classes.   We have researched and spoken to over thirty other affiliate owners, and come to the conclusion this is the best option for us for several reasons.   The decision we have made will be to have visitors, until they have completed Orientation, come only to the Monday or Wednesday 6pm class.  This is one of the few times we can guarantee that there will be a second trainer on hand to work with them in a small group setting, as to not be overwhelmed by the larger group with more experienced athletes and risk getting lost in the shuffle. 

The smaller setting will allow your friends and family to get a better experience with CrossFit.  It is unfair to them to simply throw them in a regular CrossFit class and expect them to try to keep up.  By requiring them to sign up through the website PRIOR to coming class, will help us better prepare for their visit.  This will also be far better for the trainer/coach leading the class.  It’s extremely difficult to handle a class of experienced CrossFitters and adding someone with very little knowledge only makes it more difficult.  Also, we fully recognize that this is an investment.   Paying members deserve the full attention of the coach. 

We understand that the 6pm time slot may be an inconvenience for some.  We ask that, for these few sessions only, you rearrange your schedule to your best ability to attend at this time.  After these classes, you are welcome to attend any class you desire.  If this is an issue that absolutely not be worked around, please contact me ( directly. 

Again, there are two ways to sign up for class: through the website or by emailing me directly.  Please do not simply show up unannounced, for you may probably be turned away. 


—–     —–


Work on a Weakness for 15 Minutes


—–     —–


10 Minute AMRAP:

3 Heavy Deadllifts (no more than 80% of 1RM)

9 Toe-to-Bars

15 Box Jumo Overs (24/20)






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