Thursday 07Nov13

News and Notes:

1.  Sign up for the Christmas party!  The sign up sheet is up front.  Please pay in cash or check.  You can sign up until the day after Thanksgiving.  $20/person.

2.  Effective December 1, we will be adding a 7pm class Monday through Thursday.  All other specialty classes will go on as usual.  Spread the word!

3.  Paul Erwin, DPT will be with us on Saturday, November 16th, from 830-1030am.  This is free to all members (please come!).  He will discuss mobility issues and help us stay safe, especially when we fatigue in workouts.  This is important…more important than squatting!  (I can’t believe I just said that.)

4.  Bathroom renovations behind at 8am next Monday!  This is exciting guys!  We will be adding a shower/changing room, tripling the size of each bathroom, and gain stronger pressure when you flush (it’s the small things in life…).  We will have 1 working bathroom and will be bringing in a port-o-john the entire week.  The project should take about 10-14 days. We are also looking for good, volunteer painters!  Let me know if you are interested!

5.  On Wednesday, November 27th, we will only have the 530am and 9am classes.  We will have Open Gym until noon, when we will be closing to accommodate the packet pick up for the Thanksgiving Day Sticks and Biscuits race.  If you haven’t registered, DO IT SOON!




A. OHS Work

B. Supine Rows 5×5


C. 3 Mins ON/1 Min Rest x 5

10 KB Swings

15 Squats

20 DUs (30 singles)



A. Snatch Balance 5×3, rest 60

B. Weighted Pull Ups 4×2, rest 60


C. 3 Mins ON/1 Min Rest x 5

7 WBS (20/14)

7 Pull Ups

21 DUs




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York, PA 17402

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