Monday 16Sept13


Today begins a new phase in our training.  We are doing a modified squat program.  Over the course of the 20 assessments I did with random members of the gym, I discovered that our back squats were slightly low in comparison to our pulling ratios.  We have made a tradition of going through a squat cycle of some sort in the fall season, using linear progression last year with very good success.  The squatting days will look like this:

Odd Weeks: Monday and Thursday

Even Weeks: Tuesday and Friday

This will give everyone a fair shot at wacking out some heavier squats.  If you’d like, plan your rest days around this schedule so you can make it on these days.  We will still do our normal strength work, but simply with a stronger emphasis on the squat for the next twelve weeks.  Both Performance and Fitness will move through the twelve week cycle, with Fitness backing off 20-25% of the work.  Trust me, you will still see great results as long as you stay consistent.  After this phase we go through a shorter phase and then onto the “Open Prep”–which will be early 2014!  It will be here before we know it.  Work hard guys!


If you are not a member of the CrossFit Hershey Group Page on Facebook, please ask to join the group.  This is where most all of the daily communication occurs.  If you post something there: keep it clean, make sure it pertains to a majority of the members, and keep it clean.  If you do not join this group you are probably missing out on important information and access to some pretty cool articles all of us could benefit from reading.



A. Back Squat 1×10@60%, 1×8@70%, 1×6%75%

B. Front Squat 1×5@60%, 2×5@70%


C. 10 Min AMRAP:

7 Pull Ups

14 Ab Mats

100m Run




A. Back Squat 1×10 @60%, 1×8 @70%, 1×6 @75%, 1×4 @80%

B. Front Squat 1×5@60%, 3×5@70%

C. 8 Min AMRAP:

3 Pull Ups

3 Burpees

6 Pull Ups

6 Burpees

9 Pull Ups

9 Burpees




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