Monday 15October2012

This video doesn’t have sound, but if you watch it on YouTube the workout is posted…moving some serious weight.


This Saturday at 1030am we are hosting an Open House for Ladies Only.  The purpose is to complete reduce any intimidation factor that someone new may experience when entering a regular class for the first time.  If you know any female who has shown interest in CrossFit, here is a great opportunity for them to get their feet wet with other ladies.   This is not limited to any age group.  Our goal with this is not to simply funnel everyone into our regular classes, but show them the variety of classes we offer at CFH.  If you have any questions, please email Brandi Nuse (


20 Minutes OMEM:


3 Thrusters (135/93)

60ft Shuttle

3 Thrusters


12 Pull Ups



75 Acco Drive Suite 6-7
York, PA 17402

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