Monday 14April14

News and Notes:

1. Congrats to all of the ladies (13 total) who competed this weekend.  They were: Melissa, Christian, Samara, Lori, Michelle, Michele, Jess, Cait, Sarah, Nikki, Tanja, Jenna, and Britt.  You all should be proud of what you accomplished.  I hope that gave some of you the confidence to compete again down the road.

2. The 2nd Fitness Challenge begins today.  The goal is to read one article everyday.  I will post them throughout the day so you won’t have to search too hard to find them.  If you read a good one, please feel free to post and dialogue.  Try your best to continue drinking 16-24 ozs upon waking and getting your gallon of water in by the time to hit the rack at night even though there is no more point value.  We want to help you create healthy habits you can continue with throughout your fitness journey.

3.  As of today, you will also receive a bonus point if you bring a friend.  Make sure they sign up for one of the four free sessions each week and you will get a point.  bring two friends, get two points, etc…

4. There will be a Mobility Clinic at CFH on Saturday, April 26th.  I am not 1005 sure of the time, but probably 830-10am(ish).  

5. The new shirts (both tees and ladies tanks) are here!  There are a variety of colors (4 in the tees and 3 in the tanks).  First come, first serve.  Cost is $25 tanks/$22 tees.  Please bring cash or check.



A. Back Squat 5×3 @80%


B. 15 Min AMRAP:

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

Run 100m after every other round


C.  Side Planks 2×30 sec/side



A. Back Squat 6×3 @85%

B. 15 mins of Cindy

C. 3×60 sec plank holds w/25lbs



Pull Up Progression

A. 5xME, rest 90 secs*

B. 3×10 Push Ups

*If you totalled more than 25 reps last Monday, drop your band one peg



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