Monday 01July13

First: The new website is a work in progress.  Over the course of the next few weeks there will be a lot of changes, new pictures, links, educational pieces, etc…  There may also be times when the website is down for construction.  We apologize in advance.


Second: Holiday Hours

Thursday: 9am Class

Friday: 9am Class, Open Gym 10-Noon

Saturday: 9am Mobility, 930am Class



The first part of this week will be a short “Deload”/Recovery/Transitional time for those who either competed this weekend and/or those who have been busting their tails the last few months and want an “active break” instead of staying away from the gym.  I will have two options for workouts.  Do not be too tough to take advantage of the short deload in order to prepare for the next phase of training.



Option A: If you Competed at 717 or have been killing the last few months and want some active recovery time…

15-20 minutes of Mobility/Rolling Out

20-40 minutes of Z1 (easy pace) Run, Row, AD

10-30 minutes of Skill Work (LOW INTENSITY)


Option B: Everyone Else

A. Warm Up


B. 4 Rounds:

10 UB Clean and Jerks (135/95)

15 Burpee (NO PUSH UP) Box Jumps (24/20)

20 KB Swings (28/20)

Run 200m

Rest 4 Mins/Rest 2 Mins (Performance/Fitness)




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