Fitness Challenge Rules and Guidelines

The goal is to improve overall health & fitness – and perhaps introduce new challenges that you may turn into habits.  Try something new and have fun with your family.


Here’s the way this is going to work…

#1 – Bring in a photo of yourself.  Note: you will not get the photo back in one piece.  We’ll cut out & use your head on our photo score board.  🙂  Submit photos by Wednesday, 4/10.

#2 – Learn about the Challenge of the Week – do it, and try something new… commit to making yourself better!  Don’t cheat.  Just to give you an idea – we’re talking hydration, accumulating a certain number of meters on the rower, getting X servings of non-starchy veggies per day, X push ups every day, etc.  Nothing too crazy – just healthy habits or extra work volume.  EVERYONE can do these things!  Most of them can be done at home without equipment.

#3 – You will receive points for: the Challenge of the Week (1 point per day), for attending a CrossFit Class/PT session/Road to Fitness Class (1 point per class), AND for Specialty Classes – Olympic Lifting, Yoga & Rowing Club (2 points per day… YES, TWO POINTS!).  Example: if you attend class, yoga & complete the Challenge for the day, you’ll get 4 points for that day.  If you take the day off but still complete the challenge, you get 1 point.  NEW ROWING CLUB SESSION: WEDNESDAYS AT 10:10 am!

#4 – The WEEK is considered Monday from 12:01 AM – Sunday at 11:59 PM.

#5 –  At the end of the week, submit your score so we can update the scoreboard!  Scores can be submitted on paper or by email to  Paper submissions should be put in the envelope on the office door on MONDAY!  Emails are due Sunday, or as soon as possible.  I’m not chasing scores, so if you want credit – please submit on time!  🙂  If you want an electronic copy of the rules/score sheet, please download from Facebook or request from

#6 – HAVE FUN!!!!!!!



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