The first of the 7 Challenges is… HYDROTHERAPY!

1- Start your day with 36oz of COLD water before any food, and within the hour of waking up.

2- Throughout the rest of the day, make sure to drink 6-8oz of water before any snack/meal/nibble/morsel — this helps to weigh the option of whether it is worth that single Hershey kiss, while also maintaining proper hydration.

3- Your water for the day should add up to a gallon – or MORE!  You get ONE POINT for starting your day with 36 oz and finishing a gallon total.  MEASURE it.  No guessing.  It’s a lot of water.  🙂

For your reference… 1 cup = 8 fl oz.  4 cups = 1 quart.  4 quarts = 1 gallon.  We highly recommend using a gallon jug or protein shaker bottle to measure your intake.  Good luck!



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