Wednesday 19Feb14

A. Jerk BNK – HS; 80%x1x3
B. Hang Snatch – 65%x3x5
C. Push Press – 70%x5x3
D.  BS @ 70% x 5 x 3 sets
6 minute amrap
burped box jumps, 24” must stand up and step down, top of every minute do 3-4 UB muscle ups.. start w/ the Mu
A. 235
B. 130-135. Felt Great
C. 175
D. did 5×3 instead of 3×5 265#
E. 53 Box Jumps. 4 MUs for 4 mins, then 3.
*I didn’t feel right the entire time…maybe tight from the plane ride, tired from the trip, or the fact that Danny Nichols was watching me and I was thinking about his 300# strict press only days before this…their was a lady doing about a mile of OH walks who I had to move for a time or two…maybe could have got 4-5 more box jumps.



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