Wednesday 12Feb14

A.  Snatch from below knee + snatch from ground @ 75% x (1.1) x 4
B.  FS @ 83% x 2 x 4 sets
C.1  PJ x 5 TnG reps @ 185# x 5 sets, rest 60 seconds
C.2  Good Morning x 6 x 5 sets, rest 60 seconds
12 minute amrap
10 DL @ 155
20 ring dips
30 air squats
A. 150.
B. No go–got to 225#.*
*I used a voodoo band with a double LAX ball under it on my quad in two places for a bit, then iced for a while, took 4 pain pills and went back at it at 830pm after I taught..
C1. Felt EASY!
C2. 175#
D. 6+15 reps.  Dips got nasty.  I didn’t slam through the air squats because of my hip.  It actually felt okay.
*I rode 100 cals on the Assault Bike after (for some work and simply to help my quad.  It seems that if I warm up well–30 mins–its okay.  I am paying attention to it  more on my days off.



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