Tuesday 22April14

A.  Laying single leg hamstring curl x 8/leg x 4 sets, rest 60 sec. bt. legs
B.  CG bench press;, rest 60 seconds
15 minute amrap
4 strict HSPU
6 ring dips
8 ring push ups
40 cal on airdyne or 9 on assault bike
A. Done
B. 235-245-255-235-235-235
C. 6+4.  I did strict ring dips, too.  Oh well, would have sucked either way.
2.5 hours later…
A. 15 mins of 30/30 on the rower working on mechanics (141-151m each round)
B. 10 Min EMOM of 4 MUs at the top of each minute.  Felt very solid.



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