Tuesday 16July13

A.  DB single leg DL, 6 x 3-4/leg, rest 60 sec. bt. legs
B.  Hang power snatch x 2 + power snatch x 1 x 4 sets
C.  50 HSPU for time:
D.  400m sled drag (back wards) @ 3 plates
E.  accumulate 3 minutes of plank hold w/ 35# plate on back
A. Used 70# DB.  Didn’t have anything higher.
B. 145, 155, 165 (F-1), 155.  This is one movements that I feel weak with still.
C. 3:20
D. Done.  145#.  Didn’t record time.  Had an out-and-back course set up.
E. Done.  Took just just under 5 mins



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