Saturday 18Jan14

3 rounds for time
15 thrusters @ 135
15 burped box jumps, 24”
15 CTB pull ups
A. Jerk – HS; 80%x1x3
B. Power Snatch – 70%x3x3
C. Power Clean – 70%x3x3
 5K row – goal here is sub 19 minutes…
A. I didn’t get to workout on Friday, so I did this Saturday AM in 9:39. The burpee box jumps smoked me for some reason.
B. I intended to do the 5k (at 1:48 pace that we discussed).  I was hitting 1:49-1:50 for 2k then stopped.  I just quit.  I wasn’t even hurting.  In fact, I felt really solid.  I used to run long distance and quit that because I just couldn’t stand the monotony of the single movement.  I did get back on…here is what I did:
2k: 7:18
-rest 5 mins-
2k: 7:10
-rest 5 mins-
1k: 3:27
*I tried to simply hold a good pace (like the 5k) instead of killing everyone.  My excuse for quitting is lame.  Saturday’s once again, prove difficult for me.



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