Friday 16Aug13

A.  Single leg RDL, 5 x 5/side rest 60 seconds bt legs
B.  Split Jerk – take up to a tough singles
C.  TGU; 12 reps @ 70# kb *alternating
5 rope climbs
500m row
5 p-bar HsPU
500m row
5 rope climbs
500m row
5 p-bar HSPU
3 minute plank hold w/ 45# on back
Poor planning on my part with this.  I really rushed through this entire workout–didn’t warm up well and jumped into things.
A. 135#
B. 250#
C. Didn’t do/skipped
D. 11:47.  Rope climbs started to get to me.  I really paced them.



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