Monday 20August2012

Please be patient with us as we go through some changes with the website.  Our goal over the next few weeks is to create a site that will be more welcoming to visitors and more interactive for memebers (pictures, videos, recipes, articles, etc…),   Again, please be patient with us while we continue to build upon the groundwork we are establishing.

And videos!!  Yes, videos!! It’s been almost a year and they’re back!!!  I figured i’d start with one of my favorites.  Speal, as you all know, is a stud.  Getting Michael Jordan’s voice in the background of a video you’re feartured in is pretty sweet.  Enjoy, guys.


7 Rounds:

4 Snatch

6 Clean & Jerk

9 Deadlift

Rx’d: 135/95

Scale: Weight/Rounds




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