Wednesday 29August2012

A Few Reminders:

1. Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 8th @5pm.  Write it down.

2. Will-WOD-For Beer at CF Del Val in Broommall.  This is awesome so get there.  You will do a few WODs and them eat a lot of wings and drink some good brew.  Sept 29th @ 10am.

3. Grand Opening for CrossFit Uncompromised (Lititz). Begins at 10am. We will have an 8am class instead of the normal 930am.

4. Please get rolling with your Fall Goal Sheets.  We want everyone to fill one out.  It will take up about 47 seconds of your day.  We want you to write down one primary goal and a few secondary goals.  Use these recent 1/3/5 Reps Maxes to set your goals.  STAY DEDICATED as we move into the fall.  Add an extra day a week to raise your workload.  Eat a bit healthier.  Take fish oil. Stretch more!  Reset your goals and make some serious gains this fall.  If you don’t see a lot of progress, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.


In 15 Minutes Establish a 1 and 3 Rep Max Deadlift

Against a 15 Minute Clock:
Run 800m
Then: AMRAP (with remaining time)
7 Front Squats (135/95)
9 Knee to Elbows
100m Shuttle Sprint



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