Tuesday 25September2012




We want to draw your attention to a new class we are running for Young Athletes.  It runs on a 2 week schedule: Week 1: M W, Week 2: M, F.  The class runs from 430-530pm.  It is for ages 10-14 years old.   If you know anyone interested in this class please email Tim Steel (


Work on a weakness for 20 minutes.


Run 800m

20 Hang DB Snatches, (60/40) (Each Arm)

20 Knee to Elbows

Run 400m

10 Hang DB Snatches

20 Knee to Elbows

Run 200m

5 Hang DB Snatches

5 Knee to Elbows


2 Max Sets of Glute Ham Raises



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York, PA 17402

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