Thursday 08Aug13

A.  Hang squat snatch x 1 + snatch balance x 1 x 5 sets
B.  FS @ 60% of 1 RM; 3 reps on the 60 seconds x 10
7 minutes on the clock to complete
2 rounds of
*goal is to not go all out.. but control your system and work @ high output.  Look to do 3 minute frans.. stay steady
TGU – 5/arm @ 70#
A. 150,155,160,160,165
B. @190#
C. I completely blew up on this.  Not sure exactly what is was–probably the fact I didn’t eat much.  Only got through 21-15-9-21.  My PR on Fran is 2:22 and have gone under 3 mins on a number of occasions.  I just had nothing in the tank.



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