Dave Morera

A few years ago I stumbled upon the CrossFit games on TV. I was very impressed on how the athletes were able to lift heavy, run fast, and do all kinds of gymnastics moves. I wanted to do CrossFit, but was very intimidated by it. I was very athletic growing up. I played soccer, basketball, and volleyball through high school, as well as playing soccer in college. During this time, I was also lifting weights, which lead me to bodybuilding a few years after college. Although I thought of myself as athletic, I was still very intimidated by CrossFit. I talked to a CrossFit Hershey (CFH) member that explained the ins and outs, and decided to give the free class a try. I was hooked. This is where my CrossFit journey began.

After joining CrossFit Hershey, I was still intimidated by the level of other members compared to me. Fortunately, the coaching staff at CFH looked after me during my introduction period (and still do) to make sure I had proper technique. Fast forward a few months, and I find myself surrounded by a group of members that feels more like family, a coaching staff that are not only approachable and friendly but are constantly helping members get better, not only at the box, but in life. Throughout my journey thus far, I have learned a lot about technique, nutrition, the importance of rest and breathing, as well as taking care of your body. I was also able to lose fat, gain muscle, and do things I never thought I could do. When I travel for work, I stop at other CrossFit affiliates, not only to get a workout in, but to remind myself of the quality of CFH, which has a great amount of equipment, space, and more importantly, is clean. I’m glad to be a member of CrossFit Hershey, and look forward to learning more every day, and continue to improve.

A couple of years ago, I decided to do a Spartan race. I was running quite a bit, doing 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons, as well as daily weights at the home gym. I felt I was in a pretty good shape… boy was I wrong?!? I struggled through the race, and had some injuries from it. I knew I had to do something. I joined CrossFit Hershey to get in better shape, not necessarily to do another Spartan race. My kids have done a few Spartan races, so they talked me into doing another one. Race day came, but instead of being nervous, I was confident I could do it better than before. So even before the race started, the training I received at Crossfit Hershey was already paying off. During the race I felt great, I knew to pace myself, and to keep going when my body said no. The difference in the post Crossfit training race was night and day. I was stronger, faster, and didn’t stop for breaks. I crushed it!!! I know for sure that it would have been a different story (mentally & physically), if I had not been training at Crossfit Hershey. The coaches not only train you in class, but they prepare you for the world out there.

Monica Progin

Monica had previously gone to another local gym and spent much time on the treadmill, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and some weight machines.  When asked about her fears and hesitations before joining CrossFit Hershey, she said she was afraid she “was too old to do some of the workouts and It would be too hard.  I really didn’t realize that barbell lifting was involved and with not having much upper body strength, I was not really sure how that would work out!”.

Monica attended a Free Second Saturday community workout and she and her husband decided it was a worthwhile investment and worth a shot.  “I was paired up with Richard for orientation and he was very thorough explaining the proper way to perform [movements]. Before too long, Monica was making friends in class and trying new things.  “I still fear lifting somewhat but enjoy trying to see if I can do better than the time before. If I have a tough time with a workout, I will do what I can or ask for adaptations”. Monica has been a great addition to our community and we have noticed her improved balance, strength and flexibility.  “I feel my upper body strength is better and I am more flexible. I can keep up better with the workouts”. We are sure that this will be a wonderful help as she plays with grandchildren in the years to come. Great job, Monica, keep up the great work!

Anna Scipioni

I joined CFH about 2 years ago after playing 4 years of Division I college field hockey at Columbia University. I started playing field hockey in first grade and quickly fell in love with the sport, playing year-round by middle school. During high school, my field hockey team did some training sessions with Tim and Cait at the newly opened CrossFit gym. When I went away to college, I was playing hockey for several hours a day and struggled with an over-use injury that limited my ability to play for most of my four years. This injury was mainly due to the fact that my training was solely focused on conditioning for this single sport. I vowed to be more well-rounded in my fitness after college and wanted to rediscover the joy I had for working out prior to this frustrating injury. I found this and so much more at CFH!

From the very beginning, the coaches assessed my strengths and weaknesses in mobility, and taught me how to execute each movement properly. They constantly watch members to ensure safety and avoid injury, program wisely to vary up movements, offer safe scaling options to build growth, and emphasize the importance of flexibility, stability, and recovery. This gym has so much to offer including Olympic lifting classes, yoga, open gym time, nutrition counseling, and ways to get involved in the community.

Most importantly, working out in the class setting with the awesome group of coaches and members is invaluable. Every time I step into the gym, I feel like I’m back with my teammates at Columbia, pushing each other to be our best. I even recently recruited my dad to the gym and it’s like we’re back in high school running the timed mile together getting ready for preseason. You will never regret showing up to a class and putting in the hard work with this group of people cheering you on. I have been injury free and truly enjoying working out again thanks to CFH.



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