YorkFit Classes

The definition of YorkFit is “Constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.” It is broad, general and inclusive and a deliberate attempt to include ten various domains of fitness, which are: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. YorkFit is for everyone. If you do not think you can handle it due to previous injuries or medical conditions, please contact us and we can better explain our program to you. If you think you have to be fit before you begin, you are simply wrong. Every single person in our community is at a different level in their journey. Our coaches are fully dedicated to helping you progress safely, educating you on correct movement patterns and building you into our community.

We are committed to building a supportive, empowering community where people not only talk to each other, but build very solid life-long friendships. Instead of having your headphones on to workout and sticking to yourself in a corner, you will interact with people every time you come to the gym. Our equipment is different. Our fitness approach is different. We see results. We will make you a better version of yourself. Period. Our goal is to help people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life and overall health. All it takes is to walk through our doors and say hello, and we will get you set up and ready to go.



75 Acco Drive Suite 6-7
York, PA 17402