Monday 25Nov13

News and Notes:

1. Week Schedule:

Wedn: 530am, 9am, Open gym until 11am

Thurs: Closed

Fri: 9am, 5pm

Sat: 930am


2. There are still a few spots in the 5k race.  Sign up quick!


3. You must sign up (and PAY) for the Christmas party by this Friday.

—-    —-    —-    —-    —-


Many of you will squat more weight today than you ever have in your entire life.  We’ve worked through 11 weeks of squatting, dating back to September 9th.  Today is the time to let it rip!


A. Back Squat

1×5 60

1×3 70

1×2 80

1×2 90

1×1 95

1×1 105+



*Some of you may take the entire 60 minutes for this, while others may take 25-30.  If you get done early, use that time to work on weaknesses, mobility and/or mixed modal work.



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