Monday 04Nov13

News and Notes

1. Paul Erwin will be with us on Saturday, November 16th from 830-1030am to help us learn how we can better mobilize before and after our workouts.  Please, especially those of you who struggle with ROM on certain movements, do your best to attend this clinic!

2. The sign up for the Christmas Party on Saturday, December 7th from 6-9pm will begin this week.  The event will take place at ABC in downtown Harrisburg.  It will be $20/person.

3.  Sign up for Thanksgiving Day 5k Race.  It begins and ends right out in front of our building.  It is a great chance to test your pure aerobic capacity.

4. Beginning December 2nd, we will begin having 7pm classes Monday through Thursday.  More details on the way!

5. Beginning Monday, November 11th at 8am we will not have access to one of our bathrooms and shower room until Friday, the 15th.  Please plan accordingly.



A1. Bent Rows 5×10, rest 30

A2. Push Press 5×5, rest 60


B. 12 Min AMRAP:

Row 200m

10 Push Ups

10 Ball Slams (40/30)



A1. Bent Rows 5×10, rest 30

A2. Push Press 5×3, rest 60


12 Mins EMOM:

6 Box Jump Overs (24/20)


6 KB Swings (32/24)




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York, PA 17402

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