With all of the $10 a month Globo Gyms popping up locally, the monthly investment at CrossFit Hershey may initially deter you from exploring us further. Please, give us a moment to explain why we accurately claim this as an “investment” rather than a “payment.” First, unlike the $10 a month Globo Gym, we actually care if you come. They make their money when people sign a long term contract promising you will give them money every month, unless you decide to cancel and pay them a $100 fee to process the cancellation.

Now, let’s look at the other side of things. Say you attend the Globo Gym and decide to hire a Personal Trainer. Hopefully they are at least certified by a 50 question online exam and hopefully they passed their CPR (again…online?) Certification. So you get with your under qualified personal trainer and pay them $25-35 for a 30 minute session, which will no-doubt include about 90% of movements that are non-functional movements (functional movements are movements you do in life everyday…squating, deadlifting, pressing, etc…). At the minimum, you meet with them once a week, paying over $100 a month to work with some hack of a trainer. They offer very little nutrition information, as well as very little work with mobility and flexibility (because, after all, you want to get big…like them, right?!). So, at the end of the day, you just paid $110-$150 for a gym with non-functional equipment and a trainer who answered 26/50 questions correct on his PT exam.

Others will argue that you don’t need a trainer because you know what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ve all watched videos on YouTube with people secretly recording people doing idiotic things at the gym. Many laugh. Some feel guilty. Many are glad someone wasn’t taping them, for who knows what they’d come up with. Frankly, very few people really understand how to train themselves. They rarely address weaknesses, or will live in fear of certain movements that could “hurt their backs”, and avoid trying anything new to actually challenge themselves.

At CrossFit Hershey you will be taught how to do functional movements with correct form. You will learn how to gain mobility and flexibility, in turn, allowing you to gain strength and power. You will learn how to eat better. You will be challenged mentally, physically, and in some cases, emotionally. CrossFit will build grit and determination, discipline and perseverance.

We welcome anyone and everyone to come and check us out. We’ll run you through some workouts and see if it’s right for you. You commit month by month with no “sign up fee” or any other side fees.  If you are committed to this program for a minimum of three months, I can absolutely promise that you will see results. If you don’t believe me, I will introduce you to a variety of people who have experienced life-changing results.

Unlimited Monthly $120-90

Package: 12 Sessions for $125 (2 Month Expiration from Date of Purchase!)

*Discounts for military, first responders, students, families and a variety of businesses we have been honored to link up with.

*Discounts only apply to Unlimited Monthly Packages.

*We DO NOT offer refunds!

*If you decide to end your time with us, you are required to send an email stating that fact prior to SEVEN days of your payment date.

*We also have a required Orientation/On-Ramp Program that is generally 5 sessions long. The cost is $150. This is normally completed with a personal trainer in a one-on-one setting allowing you to work on movements that you may struggle with more than others. If you have a friend (or two) that you would like to go through Orientation with, the cost will be reduced. This is extremely important part of CrossFit for it will educate you on all of the movements, theory, and nutritional ideas that CrossFit encourages.



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